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The worlds #1 REAL Wildlife NFT project
BREAKING NEWS: We launched on Aurora!

You know what`s more rare than a NFT? Our Wildlife!

The year is 2022 and there are only 65.000 orangutans left in the the whole world (true story!). Their habitat has been reduced by humans to just two locations: Sumatra and Borneo. On Borneo there is an island in the shape of a heart: Utan'Clan World! ​​

We will bring a unique collection of 6.500 Utan'Clan NFTs, randomly generated. On the NFTs you can see the favourite clothes and accessories of heroes. With buying a NFT you adopt a REAL orang-utan.


Mainsale T.B.D*

99/100 x UTANS

approve this project!

(1 Utan doesn't like being a NFT)

Don't skip this project
or I will find ya

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6500  Total supply of Utan'Clan NFTs (male collection)
650    Team NFTs (partnerships / development)
5850  For sale ​

> There will be +/- 65 Albino Utan'Clan NFTs (1%)
> Layers/items: We have too many to mention.
Our Utans have a really big garderobe and each utan is unique.

Minting price: 0.xx ETH (AETH) (to be defined)


1st.  First play2earn version ​

2nd.  Release of females ​

3th.  Launch Fig. Fig is the coin that power Utan'Clan World

4th.  Expand play2earn game (earn figs by playing) ​

5th.  Population growth by mating process (staking) ​

And more...
but these are roughly our first steps to start building
Utan'Clan World

Orangutan rescue

Orangutan Rescue protects the orangutan and its habitat. This is desperately needed, because the orangutan is seriously threatened with extinction. If we do nothing, we risk losing the orangutan for good. ​

Have you ever lost your NFT? Now that is the feeling...

Why Aurora? Because we care about the world!

Aurora is based on NEAR Protocol. NEAR Protocol has been Awarded with the Climate Neutral Product Label.

NEAR Foundation engaged South Pole, the leading low-carbon project developer, and climate solutions provider, to measure NEAR Protocol’s carbon footprint and meet its climate neutrality commitment. The three green projects supported by NEAR are Kariba Forest Protection, Vegachi Forest Restoration, and Afognak Forest Carbon, as listed here.

While doing your transactions on the NEAR Protocol it is offsetting CO2... And they do more... because it is in the heart.


What we do?
We give meaning to NFTs by connecting them to 'real live animals' and by actually making a fundamental contribution to the conservation of these animals. Not only do you buy a cool image, but you join a community that really contributes to a better world.

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