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The worlds #1 REAL Wildlife NFT project


We thought long and hard about how to launch Utan'Clan. We even postponed our launch in 2021. Initially, we just wanted to launch on Ethereum. This would allow us to reach the largest audience the fastest and probably be successful quickly. However, Ethereum as a blockchain is not exactly sustainable (and transactions are expensive and the block time is slow). While this is precisely the goal of our project: To contribute to a better world, by starting with preserving the animal closest to humans.

Then we went looking for a really good solution. A solution without a negative impact on the world and the climate, or better a positive impact! We are therefore very proud to work with Aurora! Aurora is a product that helps Ethereum users and dApps to easily move to the NEAR blockchain. NEAR Protocol has been Awarded with the Climate Neutral Product Label.

NEAR Foundation engaged South Pole, the leading low-carbon project developer, and climate solutions provider, to measure NEAR Protocol's carbon footprint and meet its climate neutrality commitment. The three green projects supported by NEAR are Kariba Forest Protection, Vegachi Forest Restoration, and Afognak Forest Carbon, as listed here.

While doing your transactions on the NEAR Protocol it is offsetting CO2... And they do more... ​

Aurora Aurora is an EVM built by the NEAR Protocol team on the NEAR blockchain. Aurora is unique in that it is a blockchain which runs as a smart contract on the NEAR blockchain. While the technical aspects of this feature is beyond the scope for our project, it essentially means that Aurora provides an Ethereum-Layer-2-like experience for both users and developers on NEAR.

Aurora is fully interoperable with Ethereum and all its different wallets and tools – allowing Ethereum developers to work in a familiar environment but with the advantage of the superior scalability and super-low-cost transactions offered by NEAR. While the base fee is technically denominated and paid in ETH, gas is currently subsidized, making transactions on Aurora gasless. Yes, you read that right – it is currently completely free to use Aurora. ​

Users can utilize the trustless Rainbow Bridge on Aurora for bidirectional transfers of Ethereum assets onto Aurora / NEAR. See also the information below...